Into the tiger

    When the sun emerges from the sea, the sky lights blue. A confident tiger,walks gracefully and proudly, out of the forest. He knows, he is stepping into a new era, leaving its 10 years glorious history behind, for others to envy, and to follow.

    As the creator of plush life-like animal toys,WEIHAI NEW TIGER TOY CO.,LTD. resumed its name to WEIHAI TIGER TOYS CO.,LTD. in February, 2009, continually marching forward on the way of delighting the children throughout the world, and to exciting their parents too.

    We know, boasting of the largest capacity, the most diversified species, the incomparable quality control, and the unique printing technology, we are the best. We also know, we have to be better, to qualify the trust and the reputation that we have always been enjoying.

    Since the establishment in 1996, we take care of the whole production process inside our own factory, including spinning, weaving, printing, dyeing, sewing, and packaging. Each day, all our 680 colleagues are producing 15000 pieces toys, and 15000 happy faces.

    Join us! Let’s work together, to spread the warm sunshine and the pretty joy into every corner of the earth!